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3 Common Issues Which May Require Central Air Repair

At Climate Masters, our NATE-certified service technicians repair, replace, and install all sorts of air conditioning systems from ductless mini-split cooling systems to central air conditioners. Most homes have a primary unit to efficiently distribute heating and cooling throughout the rooms. This method is space and energy efficient, however when the central AC unit stops working properly, you’re likely going to need to hire a qualified HVAC professional to perform a central air repair. Check out the three most common indicators of your systems needing central air repair below:
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  1. Your circuit breakers are tripped
    A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse in your electrical panel is strong evidence that there may be an overheating issue with your motor or compressor.
  2. Your Air Handler Hasn't Been Properly Maintained
    The air handler is ground zero for all the particulates and air contaminants in your home. As your system intakes air within the home, your home’s air must first pass through your air filter before traveling over its evaporator coils.

    This means that a dirty, clogged, and insubstantial air filter is preventing air from entering the central air conditioner, causing it to run harder and less efficiently. It also means you’re pulling more debris into the HVAC system which deposit onto your evaporator coils preventing your system from distributing cool air. Be sure to change your air filters monthly and use a 5-inch pleated air filter in your air handler instead of the cheap, 1-inch filters found in most stores.

    Your system’s blower motor is what actually pulls the air into your air handler and pushes it out through your ductwork and ventilation. As stated before, a tripped circuit breaker can be evidence of your blower motor going out. Running your HVAC system with a bad blower is inefficient and can even be dangerous. Call Climate Masters INC immediately at (251) 626-9231 if you suspect an issue with your blower motor.
  3. Your Outdoor Condenser Coils Are Dirty
    Due to exposure to the elements, your system’s outdoor condenser coils can collect dirt, dust, and debris preventing your system from cooling efficiently. If the coils are regularly maintained, they can usually be cleaned with a water hose. If they’re not, they’ll need to be chemically cleaned by an HVAC professional.

These problems are strongly indicative that there’s a serious problem looming on the horizon or that one has already occurred. In the latter case, Climate Masters INC has years of experience in central air conditioning repair. In the former, we have service agreements to ensure your system is properly maintained and energy efficient throughout the year. We’ve been a central air repair and HVAC service provider in South Alabama for over 50 years. Although we’re a factory-authorized Carrier dealer, we’re adept at diagnosing and repairing AC systems by all major manufacturers.

If you're looking for central air repair, regular maintenance, or to replace your central air conditioner, call Climate Masters INC at (251) 626-9231 or schedule an appointment online to meet with us in person.
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