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What's involved in maintaining my HVAC System?

Those of us in South Alabama are probably keenly aware that HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Those who aren’t certainly know how crucial the last two letters are to comfortable living on the Gulf Coast. While we pay careful attention to our air conditioning units, we tend to put off maintaining the other components.
In both residential and commercial buildings, each component of the HVAC system is essential and dependent on the next. An issue with your furnace can affect your indoor air quality. It can then cause deposits to collect in your ventilation system. Which, in turn, not only affects your family’s health, but also your air conditioning system’s ability to cool.

Another issue southern customers tend to ignore is making sure your heating system is properly ventilated. If you’ve installed a new roof or attic insulation, have your furnace inspected.
There’s a chance its exhaust vent is blocked, trapping harmful CO2 and other contaminants inside your home. Damage to your ventilation system can block heated air from entering your home.

One easy thing you can do to keep your heating and cooling system running is to use a better air filter. The 1-inch filters you typically find at the store won’t help you too much.

Instead, we recommend using a 5-inch practical pleat air filter. This will prevent outside air contaminants (pulled into your home through natural ventilation)
from entering your HVAC system. Mini split system air conditioners’ permanent air filters need to be regularly cleaned to maximize its cooling capacity and energy efficiency. This also applies to window air conditioners.

In forced air systems, a proper air filter will extend the life of your equipment. Whether you’re using a heat pump or discrete air conditioner/furnace systems, you can ensure your system is running at peak efficiency if you have fresh air cleaning measures installed.
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