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A Tradition of Heating and Cooling Repair in Mobile and Baldwin Counties

Prior to the invention of air conditioning, life in the deep south was pretty rough. Efforts to combat heat and humidity down here greatly affected all parts of life, from holding events after sundown, to our working and sleeping habits, to our architecture.Thankfully, in 1902, Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner. Since then, living along Alabama’s gulf coast has been much more comfortable. Advances in heating and air conditioning technology opened previously-hindered avenues of entertainment, education, and culture to southern living. With these advancements came a serious need for heating and cooling repair experts to service HVAC equipment year-round.
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In South Alabama we sometimes joke about having a year’s worth of seasons in a week, but there’s one constant here in Baldwin and Mobile county, and that’s humidity. Even in our (albeit mild) winters, water-laden air makes cool air feel absolutely chilling. In the summer, the hot humid air coming in off the Mobile Bay makes hot temperatures a persistent nuisance and prevents our body’s natural cooling mechanism from adequately working.Climate Masters has been serving the South Alabama’s Gulf Coast community for over 50 years. We’re uniquely experienced with the harshness of our environment, particularly with its constant humidity, corrosive salt air, and frequent power outages due to severe weather and hurricanes, and it’s destructive effect on heating and cooling equipment.We understand the importance of regular, comprehensive maintenance of your entire home’s heating and cooling system throughout the year. Give us a call today at (251) 626-9231 to find out how you can sign up for a bi-annual service plan to keep all aspects of your HVAC system running at peak efficiency.
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