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Who We Are

Beat the heat in Spanish Fort, AL with a HVAC service call from Climate Masters Inc. We specialize in getting your home’s HVAC system tuned up and ready for the hot days ahead with preventative maintenance and repair. It’s imperative not only for your comfort and peace of mind, but also for the reliability and longevity of your system. Prevent more serious issues by scheduling a service call at the first sign of trouble and save thousands in energy costs.

Customer Satisfaction

At Climate Masters Inc, we have professional and knowledgeable technicians on call for our Spanish Fort, AL residents. Call for outstanding customer service, troubleshooting and diagnostics, electrical and mechanical repairs, and equipment installation.

The Top

10 Reasons

To Have Your



  1. Unit Dies
  2. Compressor Damage
  3. Aux Heat On
  4. Unit Overworking
  5. Compressor Won’t Turn On
  6. Cycling On/Off
  7. Not Reaching Temp
  8. Freezing Up
  9. Unit Leaking
  10. Unit Not Blowing Cold

The Top 10 Benefits of Installing a New High Efficiency HVAC System

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Comfort Control
  3. Programmable Thermostats
  4. Superior Air Flow
  5. Peace and Quiet
  6. Longer Operating Life
  7. Environmental Impact
  8. Extended Warranties
  9. Flexible Options
  10. Increased Resale Value
Spanish fort hvac repair
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